Targus AST082GLZ 4Vu Privacy Screen Filter
Manufacturer: Targus
UPC: 092636344429
Condition: New
Targus AST082GLZ 4Vu Privacy Screen Filter
Price $232.83
Product Type Privacy Screen Filter
Brand Name Targus
Manufacturer Targus Group International
Product Name 4Vu Privacy Screen Filter
Product Line 4Vu
Manufacturer Part Number AST082GLZ
Manufacturer Website Address http://www.targus.com

Dell U3417W Monitor

Height 32.07"
Width 0.02"
Depth 13.54"
Weight (Approximate) 7.20 oz
Display Type Supported LCD
Display Size Supported 34"
Features Easy to Apply
Device Supported Monitor
Aspect Ratio 21:9
Limited Warranty 1 Year
The 4Vu™ Privacy Screen is designed to fit the Dell™ U3417W. To protect your information, tiny vertical blinds on the surface of the privacy screen narrow the viewing angle so data is only visible directly in front of the laptop up to 30° away from the center of the screen. Onlookers will only see a dark unclear screen when attempting to view the information from an angle. In addition to providing security, the screen also blocks glare to help reduce eye strain. The 4Vu Privacy Screen can be easily attached by using clear double-sided adhesive strips designed for LCD filters. Highly portable and easy to use, the 4Vu Privacy Screen prevents onlookers from seeing valuable information often viewed on a display. 30° Viewing Angle Even in public places like hotel lobbies, airplanes, or cafes, the 4Vu Privacy Screen keeps your data safer from prying eyes. Your content is visible only to the person directly in front of the screen and up to 30° on either side. You have full clarity and visibility, while onlookers or passersby see only a black screen. Reduced Glare, Even in Bright Rooms Our Low-Reflective Coating reduces glare and improves light transmittance under most viewing conditions. Suited for Workplace or Personal Use One study found that employees are 50% less productive when their visual privacy is at risk, and that two in three employees expose sensitive data outside the workplace.1 With more of us working in open office settings, on-the-go, or in unsecured environments, visual privacy is a critical consideration for employers and employees alike. Privacy screens add a layer of protection that encourages productivity at the same time it protects confidential information. Anti-Microbial Properties The 4Vu Privacy Screen features SKANE™ M-8 Anti-Microbial treatment to stand up to frequent handling without degradation. They are ideal for touchscreen applications. Blue Light Filtering Current studies suggest that prolonged exposure to blue light - emitted by virtually every digital device we own - may be linked to eye strain and fatigue, headaches, retina damage, and other health concerns. The 4Vu Privacy Screen filters blue light to reduce eye strain and minimize the potentially harmful effects on your vision. 1Ponenmon Institute LLC, "Visual Privacy Study" 2013 Easy Installation OptionsThe 4Vu™ Privacy Screen comes with reusable silicon adhesive and tab guides so you can quickly and easily attach the screen directly to your display.