Manufacturer: Cisco
SKU: S49MESK9-12254SG=
Condition: New
Product TypeSoftware
Brand NameCisco
ManufacturerCisco Systems, Inc
Manufacturer Part NumberS49MESK9-12254SG=
Manufacturer Website Addresswww.cisco.com
License TypeComplete Product

Platform Family:

  • CAT4900M
  • CAT4948E
  • CAT4500E-SUP6E
  • CAT4500E-SUP6L-E
  • Software Main TypeFirmware
  • 8-Way CEF Load Balancing
  • 802.3ah and CFM Interworking
  • AAA Broadcast Accounting
  • AAA DNIS Map for Authorization
  • AAA Resource Accounting
  • AAA Server Group
  • AAA Server Group Deadtimer
  • AAA Server Group Enhancements
  • AAA Server Groups Based on DNIS
  • ACL - Improved Merging Algorithm
  • ACL - Named ACL Support for Noncontiguous Ports on an Access Control Entry
  • ACL - Reflexive Access Lists
  • ACL - TCP Flags Filtering
  • ACL Sequence Numbering
  • Additional Vendor-Proprietary RADIUS Attributes
  • Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)
  • ANCP Client
  • ANSI TIA-1057 LLDP - MED Support
  • ANSI TIA-1057 LLDP - MED Location Extension
  • ARP Optimization
  • Authentication Proxy Accounting for HTTP
  • AutoInstall Using DHCP for LAN Interfaces
  • AutoQoS - VoIP
  • AutoRP Enhancement
  • BGP
  • BGP 4
  • BGP 4 Multipath Support
  • BGP 4 Prefix Filter and In-bound Route Maps
  • BGP 4 Soft Config
  • BGP Conditional Route Injection
  • BGP Configuration Using Peer Templates
  • BGP Convergence Optimization
  • BGP Cost Community
  • BGP Dynamic Update Peer-Groups
  • BGP Hide Local-Autonomous System
  • BGP Hybrid CLI Support
  • BGP Increased Support of Numbered as-path Access Lists to 500
  • BGP Link Bandwidth
  • BGP Named Community Lists
  • BGP Neighbor Policy
  • BGP Next Hop Propagation
  • BGP Policy Accounting
  • BGP Prefix-Based Outbound Route Filtering
  • BGP Reduction in Transient Memory Usage
  • BGP Restart Neighbor Session After max-prefix Limit Reached
  • BGP Route-Map Continue
  • BGP Route-Map Continue Support for Outbound Policy
  • BGP Route-Map Policy List Support
  • BGP Soft Reset
  • BGP Support for Dual AS Configuration for Network AS Migrations
  • BGP Support for Named Extended Community Lists
  • BGP Support for Sequenced Entries in Extended Community Lists
  • BGP Support for TTL Security Check
  • Bidirectional PIM
  • Boot Config
  • Broadcast/Multicast Suppression
  • CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol) Version 2
  • CDP Enhancement - Host presence TLV
  • CEF/dCEF - Cisco Express Forwarding
  • CEFv6/dCEFv6 - Cisco Express Forwarding
  • Certification Authority Interoperability (CA)
  • CFM Outward Facing MEP on Switchports
  • CFM-2
  • CGMP - Cisco Group Management Protocol
  • Cisco Express Forwarding - SNMP CEF-MIB Support
  • Cisco IOS Scripting w/ Tcl
  • Cisco TrustSec SGT Exchange Protocol (SXP) IPv4
  • CiscoView Autonomous Device Manager (ADP)
  • Class Based Ethernet CoS Matching & Marking (802.1p & ISL CoS)
  • Class Based Weighted Fair Queuing (CBWFQ)
  • Class-Based Marking
  • Class-Based Policing
  • Class-Based Shaping
  • Clear Counters Per Port
  • CLI String Search
  • CNS
  • CNS - Configuration Agent
  • CNS - Event Agent
  • CNS - Image Agent
  • CNS - Interactive CLI
  • CNS Config Retrieve Enhancement with Retry and Interval
  • Command Scheduler (Kron)
  • Command Scheduler (Kron) Policy for System Startup
  • Commented IP Access List Entries
  • Community Private VLAN
  • Config Change Tracking Identifier
  • Configuration Change Notification and Logging
  • Configuration Replace and Configuration Rollback
  • Configuration Rollback Confirmed Change
  • Contextual Configuration Diff Utility
  • Control Plane Policing (CoPP)
  • Control Plane Policing - Time based
  • Cos/DSCP exchange using LLDP
  • DAI (Dynamic ARP Inspection)
  • DBL (Dynamic Buffer Limiting) - Selective DBL
  • Debounce Timer per Port
  • Default Passive Inte
  • Software NameIOS - ENTERPRISE SERVICES SSH v.12.2(54)SG
    Software Sub TypeFirmware
    Cisco IOS Software Major Release 12.2 achieved General Deployment certification in February 2004. With this certification, Major Release 12.2 adds a new level of maturity to the already robust portfolio of Cisco IOS Software releases. The releases in this portfolio, including Release 12.2, Release 12.3, and Release 12.3T, each address specific customer needs. Highlights of Major Release 12.2 include Quality of Service, Traffic Classification, and Multimedia advancements, in addition to the introduction of the Cisco 2600XM Series Router. This release will integrate the functionality and hardware support previously introduced in Cisco IOS Software Releases 12.1 and 12.1T.