AXIS 01765-001 I/O Indication LED
Manufacturer: AXIS
SKU: 01765-001
Condition: New
AXIS 01765-001 I/O Indication LED
Product Type Surveillance Camera I/O Indication LED
Brand Name AXIS
Manufacturer Axis Communications
Product Name I/O Indication LED
Manufacturer Website Address http://www.axis.com
Packaged Quantity 4 Pack


  • AXIS C8210 Network Audio Amplifier

Door Stations:

  • AXIS A8105-E
  • AXIS A8207-VE
Modular Cameras:
  • AXIS F41 Main Unit
  • AXIS F44 Dual Audio Input
Audio and I/O
  • AXIS T6101 Audio and I/O Interface
  • AXIS T6112 Audio and I/O Interface
Fixed Cameras:
  • AXIS M1124
  • AXIS M1124-E
  • AXIS M1125
  • AXIS M1125-E
  • AXIS P1364
  • AXIS P1364-E
  • AXIS P1365 Mk II
  • AXIS P1365-E Mk II
  • AXIS P1367
  • AXIS P1367-E
  • AXIS P1368-E
  • AXIS P1375
  • AXIS P1375-E
  • AXIS P1435-LE
  • AXIS P1445-LE
  • AXIS P1445-LE-3
  • AXIS P1447-LE
  • AXIS P1448-LE
  • AXIS Q1615 Mk II
  • AXIS Q1615-E Mk II
  • AXIS Q1645
  • AXIS Q1645-LE
  • AXIS Q1647
  • AXIS Q1647-LE
  • AXIS Q1659
  • AXIS Q1785-LE
  • AXIS Q1786-LE
PTZ Cameras:
  • AXIS M5525-E
  • AXIS P5414-E
  • AXIS P5415-E
  • AXIS P5635-E Mk II
  • AXIS V5914
  • AXIS V5915
  • AXIS C8033
Fixed Dome Cameras:
  • AXIS M3024-LVE
  • AXIS M3025-VE
  • AXIS M3026-VE
  • AXIS M3037-PVE
  • AXIS M3057-PLVE
  • AXIS M3058-PLVE
  • AXIS P3235-LV
  • AXIS P3235-LVE
  • AXIS P3374-LV
  • AXIS P3374-V
  • AXIS P3375-LV
  • AXIS P3375-LVE
  • AXIS P3375-V
  • AXIS P3375-VE
  • AXIS P3915-R Mk II
  • AXIS Q3515-LV
  • AXIS Q3515-LVE
  • AXIS Q3517-LV
  • AXIS Q3517-LVE
  • AXIS Q3517-SLVE
  • AXIS Q3518-LVE
  • AXIS Q3527-LVE
Video Encoders:
  • AXIS P7216
  • AXIS P7224 Blade
  • AXIS Q7414 Blade
  • AXIS Q7436 Blade
Door Controllers:
  • AXIS A1001
  • AXIS A1601
I/O Relay Modules:
  • AXIS A9161
  • AXIS A9188
  • AXIS A9188-VE
Application/Usage Surveillance
Device Supported Surveillance Camera Amplifier Video Door Phone PTZ Camera Door Station Modular Camera Network Camera Network Bridge Door Controller Video Encoder I/O Relay Module
Notify when recording Active on motion detection Quick and easy to install Are you looking for a smart solution to help enhance your different surveillance needs? AXIS I/O Indication LED lets you easily see if the camera is active or not, for instance when there is concern for privacy or when you want to deter antisocial and criminal behavior. The sleek, simple design of AXIS I/O Indication LED makes it ideal for surveillance within retail, transport and healthcare environments. When privacy is paramount This simple solution is especially helpful in healthcare facilities where patients are often concerned about their privacy and want to know when they are being monitored. AXIS I/O Indication LED displays a red light when it's recording live footage to help ease patients worries. Plus, in emergency situations, recording can be activated by simply pressing a button. Designed to deterAXIS I/O Indicator LED clearly indicates the operating status of the camera and can be used as a visible deterrent to help prevent theft and vandalism in retails stores and transportation environments. It is also useful for example at airports where the LED light causes people to look up at the camera allowing their image to be clearly captured. And thanks to the cameras Video Motion Detection (VMD), the camera can be setup to start recording when motion is detected. For example, if a potential thief attempts to escape via the rear exit of your premises or if movement is detected after hours in retail stores. Recordings can also start based on sound detection. The LED shows a red light if the audio exceed a certain level. Easy to install This solution is quick to install using adhesive strip, and one cable to connect to the I/O port of the camera. It's also easy to setup and configure within the camera's settings.