Axiom LC.DDR0A.010-AX 2GB DDR3 SDRAM Memory Module
Manufacturer: Axiom
UPC: 845282069600
Condition: New
Axiom LC.DDR0A.010-AX 2GB DDR3 SDRAM Memory Module
Product TypeRAM Module
Brand NameAxiom
ManufacturerAxiom Memory Solutions
Product Name2GB DDR3 SDRAM Memory Module
Manufacturer Part NumberLC.DDR0A.010-AX
Manufacturer Website Addresshttp://www.axiommemory.com
  • Acer: Aspire 3750G-2334G32Mnkk
  • Acer: Aspire 3750G-2334G75Mnkk
  • Acer: Aspire 3750G-2356G64Mnkk
  • Acer: Aspire 3750G-2358G32Mnkk
  • Acer: Aspire 3750G-32354G50Mnkk
  • Acer: Aspire 3750ZG-B964G50Mnkk
  • Acer: Aspire 3750ZG-B966G64Mnkk
  • Acer: Aspire 4752-2334G50Mnbb
  • Acer: Aspire 4752-2334G50Mnuu
  • Acer: Aspire 4752-32354G50Mnkk
  • Acer: Aspire 4752G-2334G64Mnkk
  • Acer: Aspire 4752G-2334G64Mnuu
  • Acer: Aspire 4752G-2354G50MN
  • Acer: Aspire 4752G-2456G50Mn
  • Acer: Aspire 4752Z-4605
  • Acer: Aspire 4752Z-4694
  • Acer: Aspire 4752Z-4864
  • Acer: Aspire 4755G-6457
  • Acer: Aspire 4830-2334G50Mnbb
  • Acer: Aspire 5250-4504G32Mnkk
  • Acer: Aspire 5250-C53G50Mikk
  • Acer: Aspire 5250-E304G32Mn
  • Acer: Aspire 5250-E304G32Mnkk
  • Acer: Aspire 5250-E304G50Mn
  • Acer: Aspire 5250-E304G64Mn
  • Acer: Aspire 5250-E304G64Mnkk
  • Acer: Aspire 5250-E304G75Mn
  • Acer: Aspire 5250-E306G64Mnkk
  • Acer: Aspire 5250-E456G50Mnkk
  • Acer: Aspire 5251-1202G32Mnck
  • Acer: Aspire 5252-143G32Mn
  • Acer: Aspire 5253-BZ400
  • Acer: Aspire 5253-BZ611
  • Acer: Aspire 5253-BZ848
  • Acer: Aspire 5253-E352G25M
  • Acer: Aspire 5253-E352G32Mncc
  • Acer: Aspire 5253G-E304G50Mnkk
  • Acer: Aspire 5253G-E306G50Mnkk
  • Acer: Aspire 5349-B803G32Mikk
  • Acer: Aspire 5349-B806G50Mikk
  • Acer: Aspire 5349-B808G50Mnkk
  • Acer: Aspire 5349-B812G32Mikk
  • Acer: Aspire 5349-B813G32Mikk
  • Acer: Aspire 5349-B813G50Mnkk
  • Acer: Aspire 5349-B814G32Mikk
  • Acer: Aspire 5349-B814G50Mikk
  • Acer: Aspire 5349-B814G50Mn
  • Acer: Aspire 5349-B816G75Mikk
  • Acer: Aspire 5560-4054G75Mnbb
  • Acer: Aspire 5560-63426G50Mnkk
  • Acer: Aspire 5560G-4338G50Mnkk
  • Acer: Aspire 5733-384G50Mnkk
  • Acer: Aspire 5733-384G75Mn
  • Acer: Aspire 5733-388G50Mnkk
  • Acer: Aspire 5733Z-P618G50Mikk
  • Acer: Aspire 5733Z-P624G32Mnkk
  • Acer: Aspire 5742Z-P628G64Mnkk
  • Acer: Aspire 5742ZG-P628G32Mnkk
  • Acer: Aspire 5742ZG-P628G50Mnkk
  • Acer: Aspire 5749-2334G75Mikk
  • Acer: Aspire 5749-2354G50Mnkk
  • Acer: Aspire 5749-2354G75Mnkk
  • Acer: Aspire 5749-2356G32Mnkk
  • Acer: Aspire 5749-52454G32Mnkk
  • Acer: Aspire 5749Z-B964G64Mikk
  • Acer: Aspire 5750-2354G50Mnkk
  • Acer: Aspire 5750G-2354G64Mnkk
  • Acer: Aspire 5750G-2434G1TBnkk
  • Acer: Aspire 5750G-2456G50Mnkk
  • Acer: Aspire 5750G-2456G64Mnkk
  • Acer: Aspire 5750G-2458G1TMnkk
  • Acer: Aspire 5750G-2458G50Mnkk
  • Acer: Aspire 5750G-2458G75MN
  • Acer: Aspire 5750G-52456G75Mnkk
  • Acer: Aspire 5750G-52458G75Mnkk
  • Acer: Aspire 5750Z-B964G50Mnkk
  • Acer: Aspire 5755-2674G50Mnks
  • Acer: Aspire 5755G-2438G50Bnks
  • Acer: Aspire 5755G-2454G50Miks
  • Acer: Aspire 5755G-2456G75Miks
  • Acer: Aspire 5755G-2674G1TMn
  • Acer: Aspire 5755G-2674G75Mnks
  • Acer: Aspire 5755G-2676G75Miks
  • Acer: Aspire 5755G-2678G1TMtks
  • Acer: Aspire 5755G-32354G1TMnks
  • Acer: Aspire 5755G-32356G75Mnks
  • Acer: Aspire 5755G-52458G75Mnks
  • Acer: Aspire 5755G-52458G75Mtks
  • Acer: Aspire 5943G-7
Form FactorSoDIMM
Number of Pins204-pin
Memory StandardDDR3-1333/PC3-10600
Memory TechnologyDDR3 SDRAM
Memory Size2 GB
Memory Speed1333 MHz
Error CheckingNon-ECC
Number of Modules1 x 2 GB
Signal ProcessingUnbuffered
Limited WarrantyLifetime
Axiom's new DDR3 memory module, offering breakthroughs in speed and power, is now available. DDR3 has set out to be the new standard in the industry and Axiom has designed and engineered this module to set that standard. With rigorous testing and endless research and development, you can trust Axiom DDR3's to be the best memory in the market today.